Carnes a la piedra y arroces especiales
Carnes a la piedra y a la parrilla Extremadura

Carnes a la piedra y arroces especiales

Meat on Hot Stone

Now, in "Restaurantes de Hospederías" we offer you:

  • Meats on Hot Stone: Grilled lamb, Iberian tenderloin of Extremadura, Beef tenderloin, Iberian Secret of the region.
  • Meat and Vegetables Grill: Barbequed chicken, marinated pork chop, Moorish skewers, goat chop, secret strips.

You can enjoy Meats on Hot Stone from 10€, and two person grill and barbeques from 30€.

To go with it, the best Iberian Ham, cheeses, gazpachos, salads and regional wines.

Carnes a la parrilla y a la piedra

Rice and Paella, to share

Rice is the ingredient with 1001 faces: multifaceted, versatile and delicious.

Among our special rice dishes we highlight:

  • Shellfish or meat paella.
  • Lobster with rice.
  • Black rice with squid and prawns.
  • Countryside Partridge rice and mushrooms with cuttlefish noodles.
  • Rice pudding with prawns and crispy feeling from Ibores.

You can try our rice from 11€ / two persons.

Rice and Paella, to share
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