Hervás belonged to the “Señorío de Béjar” and was Templar territory. Its fine and attractive Jewish town was declared a Historic-Artistic complex and is one of the most important in the Iberian peninsula. Its streets, features and little plazas will take you back to medieval times.

We also highlight the Iglesia Parroquial de Santa María, of Renaissance style, and the Church of San Juan, of XVII century Baroque style, the former convent of the “Padres Trinitarios” that today is the 4 star Hotel Valle del Ambroz. Furthermore, the Palacio de los Dávila, also Baroque, where the magnificent Pérez Comendador Museum is located.

We can also visit the famous Museo de la Moto y el Coche Clásico (“Classic car and motorbike museum”), or the Railroad Interpretation Centre. Equally interesting are the Craft Workshops of “Cestería del Castaño” or the one of “marroquinería”, where unique pieces are cast.

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