Water and Active tourism

Water and Active tourism

Water has a permanent presence in the lands of Extremadura. So in any tour we offer beautiful scenery and double the enjoyment.

From the Hotel 'Puente de Alconétar ', we approach the San Gregorio Spa in Brozas , and benefit from the hot springs. We can also continue the tour through the Alcántara reservoir, with spectacular views, where the Torre Floripes and Puente de Alconetar (bridge) await.

Puente de Alconétar is situated towards the end of the Alcántara reservoir. These are the ruins of the ancient Roman Puente de Alconétar, which facilitated the passage over the Tajo river in the way of the Via de la Plata to Salamanca. It is dated from the second century, in the time of Emperor Trajan, being of granite ashlar.

Floripes Tower, half-submerged in the marshes of Alcántara, belonged to what was intended to protect the Via de la Plata. Today, the place has sunk beneath the waters, leaving only the tower.

Hiking, cycling or riding. A tour of the area is most attractive, mostly for fishing enthusiasts because it is an ideal setting for enjoying the sport.