Original Corners

Just entering the Puente de Alconétar Hotel, the visitor encounters history. You can prove it at Reception, located between high stone walls on the centre of the building.

To the left of Reception there is access to the floor above via the original stairway of the Conde de Alba de Aliste’s Palace, worthy of admiration.

Recepción Hotel en Garrovillas de Alconétar Cáceres
Vistas desde Hospedería Garrovillas de Alconétar Cáceres
Rincones Originales Hospedería Puente de Alconétar
Earl of Alba and Aliste Hall and Viewpoint-Terrace

On the first floor is a Hall for up to 90 people with a fireplace. The fireplace creates a cosy atmosphere and the place is particularly versatile for both business meetings and for family reunions, weddings and other celebrations.

The living room has direct access to the terrace of the Palace-Hotel, with beautiful views of the Plaza de Garrovillas. This is the place to enjoy sunny afternoons, evening’s pleasant chats and morning freshness.

Equipped with TV, the living room can also be used as a social hall.

Salón Hotel Garrovillas (Cáceres)
Salón Garrovillas Cáceres
Cafe-Bar and Via de la Plata Breakfast Hall

The Coffee Bar is located in a secluded and cosy place that combines the architecture of the building with modern decor. Next door, the cosy breakfast room, which has direct access to the garden.

Cafetería Hospedería Garrovillas Cáceres
Cafetería Hospedería Garrovillas Cáceres
Desayuno Hospedería Garrovillas Cáceres
Desayuno Hospedería Garrovillas Cáceres
Jardín y Piscina

The garden of the hotel is one of those spaces that convey peace and freshness. The trees give shade to the visitors and the gardens are maintained with a green color that gives life. Here is kept the ancient well that provided water for the Palace. It is an ideal place for leisure and also for celebrations. At one end of the garden is one of the entrances to the pool, that during the summer months is more popular. The garden can also be an ideal space for use at weddings. More information on Weddings [+]

Private swimming pool Caceres (Spain)
Jardín Hospedería Garrovillas - Cáceres
Boda aire libre Cáceres
Boda exterior caceres
Montaje de boda al aire libre

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