Trujillo, Plasencia and Cáceres

Trujillo, Plasencia and Cáceres

The traveller who visits the National Park of Monfragüe also wants to know the cities of Trujillo, Plasencia and Cáceres, as they give the opportunity to complete a natural route of culture and heritage.

We can clearly say that Trujillo is one of the main tourist attractions in Cáceres not only for its Pre-Roman origins but also because of its historic-artistic heritage.

The Plaza Mayor of Trujilo is perfectly conserved and surrounded by manor houses, churches and convents. Furthermore, you can find Pizarro’s statue riding a horse, an image that is clearly attached to this square and city. On the other hand, The Castle of Trujillo is also a “must see” place, with incredible views of the city.

The National Fair of Cheese and Wine, or the Fiesta of “El Chíviri”, celebrated on Easter’s Sunday, is recognized as a regional tourist attraction. They are two essential visits. You should not miss the excellent restaurants and cuisine in Trujillo.

Plasencia, since Alfonso VIII founded it in the XII century, has been a strategic point in the “Ruta de la Plata”. Plasencia’s Cathedral, its noble and religious buildings and its idiosyncrasies, make this metropolis an attractive place for tourists.

Every first Tuesday of August, the city colours its streets with the “Fiesta del Martes Mayor”, declared a feast of regional tourist interest, dedicated mainly to visitors. Traditionally known as “The Pearl of the Valley”, Plasencia is the entrance to the majestic “Valle del Jerte”, land that shows its maximum splendour during the “Cerezo en Flor” (Cherry Blossom). Its gastronomy offers the most exquisite of our products.

Cáceres, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is one of the most beautiful historical cities in Spain, offering a spectacular route that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.