San Martín de Trevejo

San Martín de Trevejo

San Martin de Trevejo, declared a Historic/Artistic and Culture Complex, is the village in which our SPA Hotel in the Sierra de Gata is located.

Some of the elements that make San Martin de Trevejo a recommended town are its typical mountains with a peculiar architecture called “arquitectura popular serrana”; its "regateras", its spectacular chestnut scenery and location in a valley at the foot of Mount Jálama. All this, along with its friendly people make it one of the best towns for rural tourism in Extremadura.

San Martin de Trevejo preserves a unique charm but also an own language called “Mañegu” or “A Fala”, also spoken in the towns of Eljas and Valverde del Fresno, continuing to be transmitted from father to son.

Some of the places we recommend in San Martin de Trevejo are:

  • Town center: For its typical buildings of adobe and stone.
  • Arcaded Plaza Mayor: very attractive with a pylon in the center.
  • The Bell Tower in the “Plaza Mayor de Sillería Granítica” (XVI century).
  • The Parish Church of St. Martin de Tours, close to the Plaza Mayor, from the XVIII century and which houses fine artworks.
  • Casa palacio del Comendador.
  • Oil and wine Museum.
  • Ermita de la Cruz Bendita, with images of great value.
  • Puerto de Santa Clara: An awesome walk through chestnut groves and rivers.
  • Natural pools.


And of course, the Hotel Conventual de Sierra de Gata, built on the Franciscan Convent of San Miguel in the 15th century.