Vostell Museum and Los Barruecos

Vostell Museum and Los Barruecos

The Natural Monument of Los Barruecos is in Malpartida de Cáceres, 12 km from Cáceres and half an hour from Alcántara. This natural environment presents a unique landscape in which granite, water and man have combined their talents.

It consists of a set of interconnected reservoirs surrounded by a huge granite outcrop of great geological beauty due to the diversity of their 'bolos'. These bolos, technically called "domes" have suffered erosion over the centuries, have shaped their forms oddly, and are the main attraction of this curious geological formation.

Over the granite domes there is a great white stork colony, where nests are settled on solid rock.

Here is where we find the Museum of Vostell-Malpartida, dedicated to the German artist Wolf Vostell, Fluxus art creator, discoverer of the ‘Decollage’ technique and father of Europe’s ‘Happening’. The museum, located in a former buddle, maintains the creativity of the artist, that will not go unnoticed by the visitor.

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