Tajo International and its Boat

Tajo International and its Boat

In this Natural Park we find ‘riberos’, vegetation of high ecological value because of its excellent state of preservation; a Mediterranean oak forest with various species of ‘Jara’ (Rockroses); privileged enclaves from the landscape point of view and numerous species of flora and fauna. Endangered species such as the black stork, the native crayfish or the Iberian Imperial Eagle have here their natural habitat, in addition to the black and Egyptian vulture, the black and green lizard and otters.

The Park area has been occupied by man for thousands of years, and we have astounding ‘witnesses’ of their forms of life in the “Conjunto megalítico de Valencia de Alcántara”, with 55 dolmens, the cave paintings of El Buraco and Grajera (5,000 years old) in Santiago de Alcántara, The Roman Bridge of Alcántara, etc.

The ship "El Balcon del Tajo" allows you to cross the River Tajo and discover fascinating landscapes. The uniqueness of the Tajo riverbanks and the presence of sites of great natural beauty make up an area of ​​great biodiversity and ecological value that we have the privilege of observing from the very river itself.

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